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Drone School and Drone Training Courses


  • 1)Drone Training Courses - Drone Training Center Pune - Drone School, provides certified drone course like Complete Drone Pilot Training, drone operator training, drone photography course with actual drone flying experience in Pune, India. The course helps for acquiring DGCA drone pilot license to fly and make the drone.
  • 2)drone design course- To advance in the institute learning we provide drone making trainig with drone design course for engineering and diploma students to make specialise drones. We teach sudents to make DIY Drones for special applications including autonomous drone flying technique. The drone design course is helpful for understanding drone making with a high level of customizations for various applications.
  • 3)Aerial Mapping Course- High resolution aerial map is used for variouty of applications. In this course students learns to create high resolution map using drones data acquisition and data processing.
  • 4) Model RC Plane making - Trainging for making Radio Controlled planes for competitions with 3D / aerobatic training is provided. In this course Students makes their own aero modelling plane and flies them to the various competitions.

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